About Us

Revealing the fact of GSM and GPS signal suppression within a radius of the car. Reaction time 0.6 sec. Connection to any car alarm. Mast Have for every car. Launch lock. Immobilizer tags. GPS trackers. Professional installation.

The online store will help you purchase the best jammers and suppressors of various types of signals to protect your privacy.

Why Choose Us?

  • We work only with trusted suppliers and provide the highest quality of goods
  • All goods purchased from us undergo double quality control before being sent to the buyer
  • The latest developments in the field of privacy protection are always on our showcase
  • Always in touch
  • We guarantee fast processing of your orders
  • When purchasing goods from us you can always count on full information and technical support
  • We provide a full 12 months warranty on all products
  • We offer our clients always the best prices and a flexible system of discounts

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